2017 ERG/BRG Nominations

What is an ERG/BRG?

Many definitions exist for Employee Resource Groups/Business Resource Groups. These groups can be defined as employee networks and affinity groups that drive the business mission, including gaining market share through culturally competent sales and customer service and recruiting and engaging a diverse workforce to create innovative, marketplace-focused business solutions.

ERG/BRG awards will be given during theRegional Economic Inclusion Summitin three areas:

  • Helping to attract talent to the ERG's organization (WORKFORCE)
  • Helping to create a more inclusive culture for the ERG's organization (WORKPLACE)
  • Helping to cultivate marketplace opportunities for the organization (MARKETPLACE)
  • Additionally, an award will be given to the Best ERG Executive Sponsor of the Year

Nominations for the ERG/BRG can be submitted via two ways:
ERB/BRG Nominations can be submitte through either the ERG/BRG Nominations Survey or the D&I Survey.