Director of Product Marketing


Date: 08/19/2020

Location: Pittsburgh

We’re looking for a highly motivated and dynamic Director of Product Marketing to join our team. You will be responsible for leading a team focused on product marketing, content, and user re-engagement implementation and strategy. The key to success in this role will be developing a deep understanding of our product, the various segments of our users and how to best communicate with them. You will work closely with product development, design and marketing teams to coordinate messaging to our users. You will also help develop content to aid our users in their search and drive high-value action. This is a Director-level role and it will be important to foster a collaborative environment and grow and develop individuals on this team.

What You Will Do

During the 1st Month:

Collaborate with various team members to learn about the company
Work with Product, Design, and Brand Marketing teams to learn tools, workflow, and process for email, user re-engagement, and content creation
Shadow team members to learn more about this role can collaborate with other areas of the business and how your role fits with external stakeholders and teams
Learn the basics of Braze, Wordpress, and other tools critical to this role
Gain a strong understanding of our product begin to understand and develop user personas and journeys
Begin to understand our current user re-engagement strategy and identify opportunities for improvement
Begin taking over as direct manager for the team with group meetings and recurring 1:1s

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