AV DevOps Engineer


Date: 08/27/2020

Location: Pittsburgh

About Your Role:

  • Build and manage a DevOps pipeline for Locomationís ARC test vehicles.
  • Work with autonomy and software engineers to understand on-vehicle data collection.
  • Work with network engineer(s) to understand data ingress pipelines.
  • Establish and manage data storage applications (tiering, indexing, searching, life-cycle management) for large data flows (TBs per day).Establish and manage CI workflows for multiple code bases including embedded systems. Integrate testing frameworks, static checkers, simulation tools, etc. across a mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructure.
  • Establish and manage CD workflows including secure deployment to test vehicles.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to find solutions to challenges unique to autonomous vehicles.
  • Continuously follow industry state-of-the-art and develop your skills.
  • Be hands-on in building and managing tools.

  • About You:

  • 3+ years in a DevOps or related role.
  • Demonstrated experience working with cloud infrastructure, particularly AWS or Google Cloud.
  • Demonstrated experience with container technologies, particularly Docker & Kubernetes.
  • Demonstrated experience with CI/CD tools, particularly Git & Jenkins.
  • Demonstrated experience with Linux.
  • Demonstrated experience in configuration management.
  • Scripting skills, e.g. Python, Bash or similar.