Strategic Pricing Engineer


Date: 09/03/2020

Location: Pittsburgh

To develop tools and grow dynamic pricing capabilities within the company enhancing revenue and profits


  • Work with complex data sets to help determine and set competitive prices to gain market share and achieve revenue and profitability goals
  • Develop tools to more quickly respond to changing market needs or trends.   Translate data into actionable strategies and techniques
  • Research, define and recommend Statistical, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools to further enhance our data analysis capabilities.  Work directly with CIO on recommended changes.
  • Manage the shipment activity being generated through various API rating platforms to find additional growth as well as monitor account profitability – and use dynamic pricing to maximize net profit.
  • Identify potential “Live Lane Specials” leveraging various API platforms.
  • Set up Pricing / follow up on new customer leads generated by business intelligence representatives for accounts using API rating
  • Analyze API quoting patterns and win/loss results for existing customers to find new opportunities
  • Work directly with field sales to find growth opportunities for established customers that receive rates via API
  • Work directly with the webmaster, API platforms, and/or customers to establish account set up
  • Work with webmaster and IT department to identify ways to improve the API / Dynamic Pricing  process
  • Generate weekly, monthly and YTD reporting on growth secured through the API/Dynamic rating process
  • Analyze growth activity for sufficient profitability and adjust rates as need to extract maximum profit
  • Work with the customer directly via phone and/or email when necessary to advance our dynamic pricing opportunities
  • Manage and grow the book of business
  • Develop algorithms with the idea to ultimately automate the adjustments and feedback loop
  • 3PL blanket pricing strategies, optimization, and automation – API and otherwise
  • Analyze 3PL Blanket pricing programs to identify potential Account Specific opportunities.
  • Review lanes where the company has capacity and work to fill them
  • Work with our API Volume Quoter
  • Present findings to executives and pricing management through weekly or monthly meetings. 

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