Plumbing Inspector

Allegheny County

Date: 10/01/2020

Location: Pittsburgh

This is field work inspecting plumbing and building drainage installations. 

An employee in this class is responsible for inspecting and testing plumbing and building drainage installations to enforce compliance with codes and regulations for the protection of the public against the hazards of unsanitary conditions caused by inferior material and poor workmanship in plumbing systems.  Employees perform work in the field under general supervision and are required to carry all assignments through to completion independently.  Work is reviewed by a Plumbing Inspector Supervisor and Plumbing management through oral and written reports and re-inspections.

  • Inspects and tests installation and repair of plumbing and building drainage systems to enforce compliance with codes and regulations
  • Tests waste lines to ascertain that joints are tight, and drains are properly trapped and vented.
  • Investigates complaints involving illegal plumbing practices.
  • Discusses installations with contractors, architects, engineers, property owners and other interested parties.
  • Explains and interprets codes, regulations and standards.
  • Prepares reports of inspections performed covering conditions found, action taken and recommendations.
  • Responds to emergencies as assigned.
  • Performs related work.