Police Lieutenant - University Police

Carnegie Mellon University

Date: 10/01/2020

Location: Pittsburgh

We are seeking a progressive Police Lieutenant with exceptional interpersonal skills, excellent communication skills and demonstrated leadership and management experience in municipal or university law enforcement. You should be familiar with contemporary policing principles, possess the knowledge and ability to identify and implement technology solutions for modern day policing, and embrace data driven policing principles. You will be committed to a management style that promotes a positive, creative, inclusive and supportive departmental environment. A strong commitment to the professional development of all employees in the department is very important, demonstrated by mentorship, guidance and leading by example. Labor relations experience and a demonstrated history of successful partnerships with the community and other supporting agencies are essential.

Core Responsibilities include:

  • Investigates departmental personnel complaints and infractions of department rules and regulations and submits written reports on the circumstances and makes recommendations for action by the Chief.
  • Assists in developing and improving crime prevention, awareness, and protection services/programs for the department. Participates in various training programs and presentations given to the campus community.
  • Examines/reviews police crime/incident reports daily for completeness and conformity with department rules and regulations, the Clery Act, FERPA, and the PA UCR Program and makes revisions/corrections as needed. Ensures that all PA and university internal citations issued by police officers are reviewed and files on same maintained by one of the sergeants.
  • Ensures the proper use, maintenance of, accountability for, and inventory record keeping of all department property, equipment, and facilities.
  • Oversees the departments Accreditation program. Responsible for the implementation of a plan to apply for, obtain, and meet the standards for professional accreditation and reaccreditations as required by the PA Chiefs of Police Association, CALEA, IACLEA, or other professional accreditation organizations.
  • Ensures that all assigned personnel clearly understand and are prepared to carry out their assignments in conformity with the policies, procedures, and directives of the department.
  • Supervises and coordinates the daily activities of the sergeants and detectives. Manages and oversees the case assignments of the detectives. On a daily basis, reviews all crime/incidents reports online for the previous 24-hour period, and assigns new cases to the detectives.
  • Other duties as assigned

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