Lead Natural Gas Scheduler


Date: 10/02/2020

Location: Pittsburgh

The Lead Natural Gas Scheduler is responsible for supervising the activity associated with equity production, transportation assets, and commercial account management.  Primary functions surrounding this activity include, capacity utilization, curtailment avoidance, imbalance management, and compliance with contractual and federal obligations.  This role should be able to troubleshoot daily/monthly issues related to Endur system and continue to build skill sets of employees on the team.  Where applicable, the Lead Natural Gas Scheduler is expected to approach commercial challenges from a strategic view.


  • Supervise the coordination between the midstream and production companies as it relates to production activity
  • Assist the trading group with maximizing transportation assets by monitoring information pipelines postings on bulletin boards and providing solutions for constraints
  • Provide instruction to scheduling team on optimizing nominations that will enable the trading group to capture daily/monthly trading opportunities
  • Assist with Curtailment Planning Process and provide solutions for re-routes to maximize production flow
  • Review pipeline operational postings, downstream requirements, production constraints, and industry related developments to ensure the scheduling team is maximizing EQT assets
  • Assist with commercial account management by interacting with customers concerning pipeline curtailments that impact our contractual obligations
  • Supervise and monitor the imbalance process and ensure that Endur imbalances are validated against 3rd party pipelines
  • Supervise the interaction between trading and scheduling to determine appropriate daily trading positions
  • Supervise and coordinate the closing process in Endur to supply accounting with month-end information
  • Design and implement new procedures, projects and strategies when needed

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