Staff Engineer SD


Date: 10/06/2020

Location: Pittsburgh

The purpose of this engineering position is to support the development of new plastic sterile medical disposables for radiology and cardiovascular devices. This role participates in the design and

development of new products and support life cycle engineering of existing products. The individual will work as a member of a cross functional team that includes design, manufacturing, quality, regulatory, and program management.


The primary responsibilities of this role, Staff Engineer SD (Sterile Disposables), are to: 


  • Lead and/or support the design, development, and implementation of new sterile disposable products utilized in radiology and cardiovascular medical procedures.
  • Use CAE tools (CAD, FEA, Moldflow, CFD) to develop and analyze product designs.
  • Conduct or direct testing in a Research & Development lab environment to verify new product designs.
  • Research and develop new technologies associated with sterile medical disposable products.
  • Provide knowledge of plastics material properties and manufacturing including material selection, injection molding process, extrusion process, thermoforming process, laser welding, ultrasonic welding, bonding, and high-volume assembly.
  • Establish detailed design requirements/design input within a cross-functional team environment.
  • Support the creation and formal review of product drawings /output within a cross-functional team environment. Lead and conduct formal detailed design reviews.
  • Support verification and validation of production intent product.
  • Apply acquired knowledge of the product and clinical applications as required throughout the organization.
  • Create various design history file documentation throughout the development process including technical assessments, test protocols/reports, and various engineering documentation.

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