Store Greeter

Henne Jewelers

Date: 04/06/2021

Location: Pittsburgh

Do you thrive on person-to-person interaction? Would you be passionate about meeting hundreds of people and making them feel welcome? Are you observant and attentive, and pursuing a career in sales or customer service? Then Henne's Store Greeter position may be the job for you!
We are currently looking for a full-time person for Monday through Friday between 10am and 5:30pm, but can offer some flexibility in timing.
Responsibilities include:
- Incoming and outgoing traffic is managed properly.
- Customers serviced as needed in order in which they arrive.
- Occupancy traffic is managed appropriately.
- Keep an eye on customer flow to make sure all customers are met with or checked in on so that no one is left out.
- Matching available sales associates with customers utilizing an "up system"
- Customers are matched to sales associate according to the order on the list.
- Sales associates are matched in order regardless of customer
- Manage security protocols.
- Keep greeter station neat and tidy, and be present as much as possible.
- Assist in projects as needed that can be done at the desk.
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