Baggage System Technician

Allegheny County Airport Authority

Date: 03/13/2019

Location: Pittsburgh

Under the close supervision of the Airline Services Supervisor, this position performs manual tasks for Airline Services department. 

Work safely and abide by all ACAA safety guidelines; 
Develop or participate in the job safety analysis procedures; 
Operate scissor lift platform equipment; 
Clear baggage jams; Identify airline sponsored property via IATA bar code tags; 
Move baggage when directed; Load baggage into conveyor systems when required; 
Empty all trash receptacles in the Airline Services area; Clean all area associated with the transference of airline baggage; Clean Airline Service shop areas; 
Manually assign baggage within the conveyor systems; Monitor and “call out” baggage system faults; 
Understand the use and demonstrate the ability to use an “ACAA required” lockout/tagout program; 
Wash Airline Service vehicles, interior and exterior; Clean the exit windows of the automatic tag reader laser heads; 
Assists Airline Service trades; Works with a high degree of responsibility and awareness for the safety practices and standards of an international airport in these and other similar types of tasks and, Performs other related work as assigned or directed.