Corporate Process Engineer


Date: 03/19/2019

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Description
•Manage and lead technical role in the area of Process Engineering.
•Mentor, coach and guide Plant Process Engineers; assist and take a lead role for operational challenges at theplants by identifying bottlenecks, increasing productivity and reducing fuel consumption.
•Conduct and work with Operations with respect to lime production, kiln process (preheater, kiln and cooler),refractory usage, burner development, environmental compliance and alternative fuel usage to increase efficiencies,reduce energy costs and minimize downtime.
•Visit plants and collect process data by performing heat and mass balances and report opportunities to plantmanagement.
•Benchmark kilns in order to identify improvement opportunities to minimize cost and maximize operationalefficiencies in order to make recommendations for the short and long term industrial plan.
•Provide leadership, guidance and direction to ensure plant operations are aligned with company goals andvalues.
•Assist with stack testing activities.•Assist with new product and alternative fuel trials and support plants with post-implementation reporting.
•Lead commissioning, start-up and performance testing of newly installed and/or modified equipment alongwith plant personnel.
•Train operational personnel on process and operations.
•Perform other duties assigned by his direct supervisor.

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