The Pittsburgh Regional Diversity Survey

The Pittsburgh Regional Diversity Survey asked more than 3,500 southwestern Pennsylvania residents for their views on diversity in the workplace, region and their neighborhood. Results from the survey indicate that, while most respondents of all races see value in racial and ethnic diversity, significant differences exist along racial lines in answers to many of the 54 questions which focus on diversity in the workplace and community.

The Regional Workforce Diversity Indicators Initiative is a coalition of Pittsburgh area organizations convened by the nonprofit Vibrant Pittsburgh to gather and publish data and other information related to workforce diversity and building a more diverse regional workforce. The initiative, which arose from discussions among members of the Pittsburgh Today economy committee, includes: Vibrant Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Today, the University of Pittsburgh University Center for Social and Urban Research, the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance and the University of Pittsburgh Center on Race and Social Problems.

The Initiative’s earlier report on workforce diversity, Behind the Times: The Limited Role of Minorities in the Pittsburgh Workforce, examined workforce participation, job sector employment and worker incomes across race and ethnicity. All of the Initiative’s reports and data related to the regional workforce diversity, including The Pittsburgh Regional Diversity Survey can be found HERE.

For more information, please call Melanie Harrington, Vibrant Pittsburgh at 412-281-8600 ext 204 or Douglas Heuck, Pittsburgh Today at 412-779-5865.