Vibrant Index Summary Report: August 2021


The Vibrant Index Summary Report, released in August 2021, reviews the practices of participating organizations for the 2020 data year.

The Vibrant Index was established in 2019 to inspire organizations in the Pittsburgh region to utilize best practices in DEI. Each of the practices surveyed in the 2020 Vibrant Index Diagnostic are supported by research in the field of DEI.

The Vibrant Index Diagnostic process assists organizations in identifying their strengths, as well as areas for continual improvement. In May 2021, participating organizations received confidential feedback reports on data reflecting their practices in the 2020 calendar year, with scores compared to sample averages, organizational size cohort averages, high scores, as well as tips for adopting better practices in the future. Questions were scored using a proprietary process that adjusted scores based on the size of the organization, as well as other factors.

View the report HERE.