Leadership and Accountability

This is category 2 of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDIB) and is considered a foundational category.It is used to build a D&I initiative and covers the responsibilities of the organization’s leadership in shaping, guiding, leveraging, and accounting for D&I.

ACTION: Hold leaders accountable for implementing the organization’s D&I vision, setting goals, achieving results, and being role models.

Below are links that are intended to assist and offer guidance in building a solid D&I initiative:

Where Should Diversity Reside for Maximum Effectiveness? 

The Diversity Officer Role: Its Relevance During the Recession, Recovery and the Obama Era

Managing Diversity in Corporate America

What Do Leaders Need to Understand about Diversity? 

What are the Key Factors in Managing Diversity and Inclusion Successfully in Large International Organizations?

Top Five Ways CEOs Show Commitment to Diversity 

The Next in Line: Ensuring a Diverse Succession Plan (Available to Members only)

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