Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices

We believe that a diverse workforce is essential to the ongoing economic vitality of the Greater Pittsburgh region. We must attract, retain, elevate and educate people of all backgrounds and create an environment that is inclusive and welcoming. In this section of our website are links to diversity and inclusion best practices to ensure our region’s long term economic growth.  

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A Business Case for Pittsburgh Regional Diversity and Inclusion: The Pittsburgh Regional Workforce Diversity Indicators Initiative

The Regional Workforce Diversity Indicators Initiative is a coalition of Pittsburgh area organizations convened by Vibrant Pittsburgh to gather and publish data and other information related to workforce diversity and building a more diverse regional workforce. The initiative, which arose from discussions among members of the Pittsburgh Today economy committee, includes: Vibrant Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Today, the University of Pittsburgh University Center for Social and Urban Research, the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance and the University of Pittsburgh Center on Race and Social Problems

Phase III of the Workforce Diversity Indicators Initiative focuses on using the data report results from Phase I and the Phase II Pittsburgh region’s survey results. The report from Phase I compared the region’s workforce with 14 peer region cities’ workforce and the data from that report was used to create a story about our region and diversity in our workforce. Phase I findings were used to design the workforce and community diversity survey developed for Phase II of the Diversity Indicators Initiative. Phase II examines the experience of workers in the Pittsburgh region with diversity in the workforce and in the community. Phase III will use the findings from the previous two phases to begin the action phase of the overall project, creating BEST PRACTICES for the region and a community-wide awareness campaign.

Phase II                                                          Phase I 

Phase II Report                  Phase I Report

To view additional data that was not previously published in Phase I or Phase II reports visit: PITTSBURGH TODAY