Next Generation Council

The Next Generation Council was created to engage millennial leaders in the retention work happening in the Pittsburgh region, with the goal of gaining better insight into what young professionals think about the region and what impacts their desire and ability to stay in the region. As the millennial generation is diverse and highly mobile, their decision to stay in or leave our region will make a significant impact on our population growth and economic vitality over the next 20 years. The Next Generation Council is an important voice for the future of southwestern Pennsylvania.

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Emerging leaders thinking critically and acting collaboratively with regional stakeholders to attract, retain, and elevate a racial, ethnic, and generational diversity of talent in the Pittsburgh region.

To collectively make the Pittsburgh region inclusive, welcoming, and thriving for all.

The Next Generation Council serves as an advisory board to Vibrant Pittsburgh on factors impacting the attraction, retention, and elevation of millennials in the Pittsburgh Region. The Council seeks to:
    • Grow a knowledgeable, invested, and well-networked millennial population working to create a thriving, welcoming Pittsburgh region;
    • Engage regional corporate interests, increasing partnership, accountability, and action toward racially diverse population growth in southwestern Pennsylvania; and 
    • Impact the retention of millennials in the region

For more information about the Council, contact malachiah koehler, Talent Engagement and Community Relations Executive Ally.