Assembly Technician


Date: 08/24/2021

Location: Sharpsburgh, PA

Assembly Technicians are held accountable to the responsibilities listed below:

  • Electrical Assembly - Capable of highly-detailed assembly and layout of low voltage electrical wiring and power distribution systems. Competent with soldering and crimping. Familiarity with electrical circuit diagrams and schematics and troubleshooting of AC and DC circuits.
  • Testing - Building robust testing environments, and performing accurate, controlled testing procedures.
  • Installation/Travel - Travel for the installation and on-site support of interactive exhibits.
  • Electrical Workshop Maintenance - Maintaining a clean and orderly workshop. Accurately tracking component inventory. Make recommendations for facility improvements.

About Deeplocal

Deeplocal is a quickly growing, internationally-recognized, innovation studio based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Deeplocal’s team of 50+ includes experts in marketing, engineering, design, and fabrication who collaborate to develop never-seen-before physical experiences for brand clients.

From creating a mind-controlled bike that allowed riders to shift with their thoughts, to building a robotic pitching machine that allowed a child to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game from thousands of miles away, to a single button that dims the lights, orders food, silencers your phone and puts on your favorite show, to a machine that graffitied tweets on the roads of the Tour de France, our projects are wide-ranging and unique.

Deeplocal has been behind some of advertising’s most talked about campaigns: the Netflix Switch, Google Photos Pay With A Photo, Google Fiber Nick’s First Pitch, and the Nike Chalkbot. Deeplocal’s current clients include Google, Nike, and Nest.

Deeplocal’s studio is located in a renovated brewery loft space in Sharpsburg, PA—just outside of Pittsburgh and within a few minutes of Lawrenceville. All team members at Deeplocal contribute and participate in work for our amazing roster of clients.

Deeplocal has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Western Pennsylvania for the past four years and has received numerous awards in advertising and design. Deeplocal’s work has been featured on Fast Company, Wired, NYTimes, USA Today, the Today Show, Good Morning America, Gizmodo, Engadget, Forbes, and many more.