A Call for Change

In a week that originally focused on “reopening the region,” many of us have been reminded that there is more than one pandemic affecting our lives and local economies. Racism. Today, as memorials begin and are held across the country to celebrate the life of George Floyd, we must reflect on the deep wound that injustice and racial disparity has left throughout our communities, especially our black community. The need for action has been ignored for far too long. We ask ourselves, what more is needed for change? 

Yesterday, Vibrant Pittsburgh proudly released our Vibrant Index Summary in a public report to the region. The Vibrant Index Diagnostic evaluated local companies in nine impact areas, identifying areas of responsibility, equity, diversity & inclusion strengths, and opportunities for change within each participating organization. I implored leaders at every level to use their power, platforms, and resources to help employees and our communities overcome systemic racism, bigotry, and hate. I issued not just a call to action but a call for change.

At Vibrant Pittsburgh, we are calling on the business community to be active participants in building more inclusive workspaces throughout our region. Now is not the time to put DE&I efforts on the back burner but to invest, deepen commitments, and ensure that inclusion is a part of the way we do business here.

I am asking that our regions' companies think critically about how they can use their power to affect change; to not only raise awareness about diversity and inclusion in our companies, but to drive the conversations, commitments, and actions among your peers. Employees value words of understanding and encouragement, but leaders’ and organizations’ actions have a more lasting impact. 

For the last decade, Vibrant Pittsburgh has been on the forefront of moving diversity, equity and inclusion into the strategies of our regions’ businesses. What we know to be true:  our region will not move forward if anyone is left behind. We must dive deeper and commit in ways we have never before. Please join us in our commitment to action and to addressing these regional challenges head on.


Sabrina Saunders Mosby
President & CEO