Reflecting on progress a year later

Written by: Sabrina Saunders Mosby, President & CEO

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the day Gianna Floyd lost her father. Today, we reflect on the killing of George Floyd, whose life and death sparked such a powerful movement while bringing awareness to the realities of racial injustice and inequity. It also garnered a response from individuals and corporations who pledged to listen, invest and re-examine their own behavior in order to create much needed change within their sphere of influence.⁣ In the numerous statements that will undoubtedly emerge today and this week, pay close attention to ACTION. What progress has been made?
  • Host listening sessions and town hall discussions: What was heard and what’s being done to create inclusive cultures? 
  • Invest in minority training, MWBE businesses, and underrepresented communities to improve equity: Where have those committed dollars gone and what’s the proposed impact? 
  • A review of policies and procedures for inequity and identifying gaps: How many POC or other underrepresented groups have been hired, promoted, or had compensation adjustments? 
  • Diversify executive leadership and board: Excited to read the profiles of those new leaders, the community is eager to get to know them. 

It’s important to share plans and the goals, but be sure to also share progress and measures. Early on, Gianna said that her father, “changed the world”, let’s continue this work and ensure that she’s right!

Photo credit: ©: Instagram/Gianna Floyd