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The Pittsburgh region has a storied history as one of America’s great industrial centers. Once the “Steel City,” today Pittsburgh has remade itself into a thriving hub of high tech and fast-growing industry. Home to world leaders in energy, finance, health care and IT, Pittsburgh is full of opportunities for people willing to seek them out. Check our list of links and downloads to various organizations that will help you explore all Pittsburgh has to offer!

Allegheny Conference Regional Data
The Allegheny Conference on Community Development is a private, non-profit leadership organization dedicated to improving the economy and quality of life of the Pittsburgh region. Private sector leadership and public sector partnerships make the work of the Conference possible. We focus our efforts on specific areas with the greatest potential for improving the Pittsburgh region. We seek improvements to the regional and state business climate through the public policy research and analysis of the Pennsylvania Economy League of Southwestern Pennsylvania and the advocacy efforts of the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce.

Pittsburgh Promise
Purpose: Leverage the development of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods, and see them through to prosperity; promote the reform of Pittsburgh Public Schools, and see them through to excellence; provide college scholarships to Pittsburgh’s students, and see them through to graduation.

Goals: Mitigate and reverse the population declines in the City of Pittsburgh and the enrollment declines in Pittsburgh Public Schools; Grow the high school completion rates, college readiness, and post high school success of all students in Pittsburgh Public Schools; Deploy a well-prepared and energized work force and an eager core of community volunteers.

Dignity and Respect Campaign
The Dignity & Respect Campaign is a national initiative started by the Center for Inclusion at UPMC that promotes dignity and respect in the workplace. Learn more about the campaign and pledge your support by visiting the Dignity & Respect webpage.

Visit Pittsburgh
VisitPittsburgh is the official tourism promotion agency for Allegheny County and the lead tourist promotion agency for the Pittsburgh and Its Countryside group. Established in 1935, VisitPittsburgh is dedicated to generating convention, trade show and leisure travel business for the Pittsburgh region. VisitPittsburgh is a non-profit organization serving its business membership.

Power of 32
Through the Power of 32, we can think differently about our region’s challenges – our role in the global economy, our quality of life, and our opportunities – and act in ways that set a new direction in the future. Every one of the 4.2 million people in our region can participate in the process and be heard. The Power of 32 enables us to create Regional Agenda and work together to make positive changes. Power of 32 is the largest regional visioning initiative undertaken that engaged thousands of people across 32 counties in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia to create a shared vision for a thriving future.

Launched in March of 2006, Pop City is a weekly e-magazine and website that connects you–and the rest of the world–with the people and places that are making Pittsburgh such a lively, diverse and livable city. We write about technology and innovation news, job growth, development and nonprofit news, arts and culture and how a local tech company is thriving and hiring. To help you better navigate our city, we feature neighborhood guides and a weekly selection of arts and cultural events. Be one of the 37,535 subscribers to get Pop City every Wednesday. Popcity is currently on a hiatus. 

Diversity Facts
A snapshot of Pittsburgh diversity statistics and facts compiled by Vibrant Pittsburgh.
2012 Snapshot of the Pittsburgh-area labor market