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About the Pittsburgh Region

You’re going to love it here. The scenic rivers. The hip nightlife. The bustling neighborhoods. The world class arts. The winning sports teams. And the innovative thinking from top universities and leading-edge companies. You can have it all – right at your future doorstep.

People who are looking to move to Pittsburgh for a job often wonder how expensive it is to live in the region, and how far their salaries will go to cover their cost of living.Use this Family Budget Calculator created by the Economic Policy Institute (Washington, D.C.) to help figure it out. The calculator compares every county in the United States on major categories of living expense, including housing, food, transportation, healthcare, taxes, child care and some basic other necessities.

Cost of Living Calculator

Pittsburgh Schools

Do you have a family with school-aged kids? Read more about the many educational options available in the region, rankings and even English as a Second Language programs available.

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Pittsburgh’s many neighborhoods each have their own unique way of making them a special place to call home.

Pittsburgh Amenities

These downloadable documents will show you some of the great benefits of living in the Pittsburgh region.

Regional Links

The Pittsburgh region has a storied history as one of America’s great industrial centers. Once the “Steel City,” today Pittsburgh has remade itself into a thriving hub of high tech and fast-growing industry. Home to world leaders in energy, finance, health care and IT, Pittsburgh is full of opportunities for people willing to seek them out. Check our list of links  to various organizations that will help you explore all Pittsburgh has to offer!

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2018-2019 Rankings and Accolades for the Pittsburgh Region.