The Vibrant Index

The Vibrant Index initiative is a way for companies to get a picture of how they compare with other companies in the region in terms of diversity and inclusion best practices. Eligible companies use the Vibrant Diversity and Inclusion Diagnostic tool to indicate which best practices they follow. They then receive a feedback report with scores and recommendations and can follow-up with a Vibrant Talent Consultant for bespoke advice for their organizations. Exceptional organizations who complete the Vibrant Diversity and Inclusion Diagnostic may be considered Vibrant Champions, a listing of organizations who are leading the way in diversity and inclusion in our region.

Our members are aware that the region needs to become more welcoming to diverse talent, so that we can work towards making up for an impending worker shortfall. To do this, our employer members commit to doing their best to follow best practices to attract, retain, and elevate diverse workers.

Each of the best practices included in the Diagnostic Tool was chosen based on research into diversity and inclusion, and the list was vetted by scholars in the field. They are broken into nine categories:

Written Commitment and Transparency

Benefits and Policies

Employee Networks

Diversity and Leadership

Training and Education

Accountability Metrics

Talent Engagement and Recruitment

Supplier Diversity

Community Engagement