Range Resources

Range Resources Corporation is a leading U.S. independent natural gas and NGL producer with operations focused on stacked-pay projects in the Appalachian Basin. The Company pursues an organic development strategy targeting high return, low-cost projects within its large inventory of low risk drilling opportunities.
As a leading natural gas producer and the pioneer of the Marcellus Shale, we are proud of our long legacy of delivering energy solutions and value to our partners and shareholders.


Our Culture:

Value the contribution of all employees while supporting diversity and inclusion.
Maintain a small company, family atmosphere.
Drive autonomy throughout the team structure, both enabling and challenging them to meet or exceed goals.
Encourage individual contribution and responsibility while working collaboratively toward clearly articulated goals.
Be humble. Share credit. Take ownership and responsibility.

Our Core Values:

Performance, Innovation, Integrity and Transparency – guide us in the work we do every day as a natural gas industry leader. These values reflect how we operate as a company and are deeply rooted in our commitment to improving the communities where we work.

Performance – We are a results-driven company focused on delivering the greatest value to our shareholders, customers, partners and local communities. To advance performance improvements, every Range employee is expected and empowered to continuously identify opportunities aimed at further enhancing our development, safety and environmental goals.
Innovation – Range has a long and clear record of pioneering innovative solutions reflected in industry and regulatory standards. This includes our leadership on voluntary disclosures, and the pioneering of water recycling and reuse technologies, which reduces both consumptive water needs and local truck traffic. This eye toward continuous innovation allows safer and more cost-effective operations.

Integrity – Our performance is driven by the company’s commitment to act with integrity in everything we do, from principled business decision-making to community partnerships. We are deeply connected to the communities we serve and work every day to operate in a manner that meets or exceeds the expectations of our stakeholders.

Transparency – Transparency and accountability to our shareholders, while supporting greater employee, community and partner confidence and engagement, is at the core of our culture. We actively work to ensure Range stakeholders have insight into our operations, as well as our contributions to the economy, the environment and the communities where we operate. We solicit actionable input and implement recommendations from community partners and always seek opportunities to further improve.

Supporting Our Communities: At Range, our commitment to fostering thriving communities is driven by our employees. We provide resources to support and encourage our employees to volunteer their time and give back to help our communities.

Range employees are the driving force behind everything we do. Every decision we make as a business is guided by performance, innovation, integrity, and transparency. Integrity is reflected by our employees on a daily basis, from principled business decision-making to community partnerships. Employee engagement and translating feedback from employees into actionable items allows us to constantly seek opportunities to further improve. Because Range believes an open-door approach leads to the greatest level of transparency, we offer numerous ways in which employees, managers, senior leadership, and our Human Resources Department can communicate and engage with each other.

Our dedication has resulted in several innovative programs, with formation of the Multi-Ethnic Employee Resource Group (MERG) being the latest example of this. Over the years, we have developed several initiatives and resources to support our employees’ professional development and generate opportunities for growth, such as:

Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD) program
Ladies in Leadership Luncheons
Manager Chat sessions
Employee Focus Groups
Internal and External Trainings
Range Energy Network of Women (RENEW) Resource Group
All Hands Meetings hosted by Senior Management
At Range, we realize that the best workplaces are ones where individuals with diverse views and backgrounds can work together towards a common goal. We believe that everyone is their own person and can bring different talents and experiences to the table, not only inclusive of culture, nationality and heritage, but also diversity of thoughts, ideas and viewpoints.