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Lack of Diversity is Having an Economic Impact on Pittsburgh and Its Employers

Skilled, qualified workers are looking for workplaces where they can thrive. Diverse talent is heavily sought after and will invest their resources in regions that demonstrate a commitment to belonging and success for all. Organizations looking to stay competitive, profitable, and relevant are offering inclusive workplaces that foster prosperity and belonging, making them a top choice for people of all backgrounds.

Despite Pittsburgh’s robust industrial history and present day reality of opportunities in tech, medical, and educational fields, there is a lack of diversity in the Pittsburgh workforce. Organizations in the Pittsburgh region are challenged by this lack of diversity when seeking to attract and retain top talent in and to the region. To foster innovation and bolster economic prosperity, Pittsburgh needs to be at the leading edge of inclusive and future-forward workplaces.

At Vibrant Pittsburgh, we serve as the region’s lead resource and spokesperson for workplace DEI, and have done so for the last decade.

Vibrant Pittsburgh plays a unique role in catalyzing a new future for workplace diversity in Pittsburgh by providing resources and partnering with the business community to drive measurable progress towards more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and attractive organizations for the talent of today and tomorrow.

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