Through Member benefits, we coordinate key activities and provide customized resources and support.

Membership provides employers a structure and strategy for coming together and working collectively to address diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our region’s workplaces.
Regardless of your organization’s industry, size, or sector: you can be a leader in this absolutely vital work to make Pittsburgh a more inclusive by building inclusive workplaces that foster prosperity and belonging, making them a top choice for people of all backgrounds.

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Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: The Competitive Advantage

Vibrant Pittsburgh is Making Workplaces Attractive for Diverse Talent

Vibrant Pittsburgh provides the DEI expertise and leadership to our region’s organizations to support future-forward workplaces where people from all backgrounds thrive. We’re opening minds and doors to a wide range of talent.

There are several advantages to investment in diversity, equity, and inclusion at your organization:

  • Organizations that are not cultivating diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures miss out on opportunities to maximize the potential of their employees. Diverse teams are more imaginative and make better judgments, and diverse businesses provide higher shareholder returns.
  • When a team has at least one member who reflects the target customer’s gender, color, age, sexual orientation, or culture, they are far more likely to understand them.
  • Those with more diverse management produced 38% more revenue on average than companies with less diversity. This might be due to the fact that diversity of gender, place of origin, career route, and industry background are all strongly linked to creativity.
  • Organizations with higher gender and ethnic diversity outperform their less diverse counterparts by 15% and 35%, respectively.

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