Together let’s change lives! Since 1952, Auberle has been dedicated to transforming the lives of children, youth, and families in Southwestern Pennsylvania. While many still think of Auberle as a group home, it has evolved over the years to become a force of change to its clients and communities. Bring your passion for caring to our agency that serves over 4,000 clients in more than 20 programs. If you are dedicated to providing opportunities for positive change Auberle has a place for you. As the needs of our communities change, the programs at Auberle evolve to bring real impact to those we serve. We currently have a wide variety of programs; workforce development through our Employment Institute, the 412 Youth Zone, family emergency shelters, foster care, placement services, drug, alcohol, and mental health programs, education, and in-home intervention.

How do we do this great work? We consistently strive to deliver the highest quality service by viewing situations through a trauma informed lens. This trauma informed focus allows Auberle staff to reflect concern for its clients. But it does not stop there. Auberle is committed to using the trauma informed focus to help provide a sustainable work-life balance for the agency’s staff as well.

Why do we want you to work for Auberle? We are excited to help develop new talent who will bring a fresh new perspective to the work we do. We are committed to offering leadership development opportunities, education benefits, and providing employment assistance programs to help our employees achieve their goals.  Auberle has been recognized as Agency of the Year by the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. We want to continue to deliver the high quality of service needed to be a winner for our clients and our communities. We do that by finding the most talented, passionate, and dedicated people committed to making a difference.

How will you fit into the Auberle family?  We pride ourselves on understanding a diverse workforce is necessary to address the various concerns of our communities and clients. Diversity and inclusion lend itself to more creative solutions and a higher level of innovation. Those are the very qualities necessary for assisting clients and communities in today’s social climate.


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