Junior Achievement Of Wester PA

Junior Achievement is driven by our belief that education shouldn’t start or stop with the four walls of our neighborhood schools. It should be built on a bridge of engagement: between classroom and community. It must incorporate additional elements and partners to give students the opportunity to develop 21st century skills in preparation for an unknown job market and rapidly evolving economy. To make education relevant we must expose youth to mentors and role models from their own communities who can show them what’s possible if they dream big and work hard. To engage those students at risk of dropping out or disconnecting between high school and the future, we must show them a clear vision of what’s possible through a variety of professions and skills that are in demand and will help them succeed. JA uses turn-key, standards aligned curriculum to provide students with a solid foundation in money management, careers and business ownership. With role models in the form of corporate and community volunteers, JA programs help our students make the connection between classroom theory and real world application. JA has the means, methodology, the pedigree and the scientifically proven approach to reset trajectory of our next generation of workers, leaders and consumers.

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