Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh

About WC&S

For more than 45 years, Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh has been a leader in providing safety, shelter, support, and guidance to all survivors of domestic violence. During this time, we have been witness to both the triumphs and heartaches associated with domestic violence. These experiences are what drive our unwavering commitment to serving survivors of domestic abuse.

Our expert and highly trained staff provide life-saving programs and personalized services designed to help break the cycle of violence. It is through the support of the entire community that our work will endure, and survivors of abuse will find the hope and strength necessary to rebuild their lives.

WC&S DNA Statement

We are advocates, grounded in fostering a community of safety, healing, and empowerment for anyone affected by domestic violence.

WC&S Mission

We will strengthen our ability to meet the individual and evolving needs of those affected by domestic violence by investing in the growth of our people, deepening community engagement, and amplifying the voices of all survivors.

WC&S Vision

We exist to end domestic violence and create safe spaces for help, healing, and hope.

WC&S Values

Uplifting Others
Survivor-Centered Advocacy

WC&S Value Definitions

Safety: We actively work with individuals and communities to protect against physical, emotional, psychological, economic, and sexual abuse.

Uplifting Others: We inspire hope through listening, believing survivors, encouraging creative expression, and providing resources to plan for the future.

Compassion: We practice wisdom and patience to imagine each individual’s experiences without judgement.

Courage: We cultivate bold strength and resilience to venture forward in the face of pain, fear, and grief.

Equity: We stand up, speak out, and take action for diversity, equity, and inclusion for all.

Survivor-Centered Advocacy: We prioritize the needs and wishes of survivors on their healing journeys by creating a supportive, affirming environment that treats all survivors with dignity and respect.

Stewardship: We build and continuously improve our organization’s systems to manage and protect the resources entrusted to us.